ECO GYM is one of the most exciting fitness
franchises to be developed globally

When choosing to own a gym franchise, you need something that is innovative, fresh and future proof.
Eco Gym’s pioneering approach to the advent of sustainable fitness is what separates itself from the competition.

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Time, energy and dedication

We are looking for people that share the same passion and are willing to put in the time, energy and dedication needed to run a successful Eco Gym Franchise.

A proven business model

Eco Gym provide you with a proven business model with attractive returns and an experienced support team that cares about you, your facility and its members.

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Using the latest technological advances Eco Gym seamlessly track and reward their members based on the amount of energy they give back to the grid during workouts. This use of technology is a world first in the industry and another reason why Eco Gym are the gym franchise of choice.

Get in touch

If you feel you have the drive and ambition to create a better world for yourself and others, please get in touch.

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